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Eco council

We only have one planet earth - so let's look after it!


Trelai Eco Committee are responsible for helping to ensure that staff and pupils in Trelai are doing their bit for the planet. 

We do this by saving electricity and water, recycling waste, reusing materials and reducing the amount of waste that we produce.


Our Eco Warriors are from all across the school. We meet once every 3 weeks and work closely with teachers, staff and the local community to do our bit towards saving the planet.



So far this year...

  • Our Eco Warriors have helped reduce our waste by nearly 10kg per week! A huge thank you to the children and staff who have made an effort to recycle, use scrap paper and ensure they're using the correct bins! Bendigedig!
  • We took part in the "10 Day Turn Down". This is a county wide competition in which 40 schools took part. In the 2 weeks, we made sure we turned off taps and lights that were being used and made a huge effort to turn off unused plug sockets and technology. We saved over £70 in 10 days! Bendigedig.
  • Trelai has also "wowed" the governors will the huge changes we've made in school to "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" and the links we've made with the Ely and Caerau Hub to plan litter-picks to keep our local community clean and safe.


How can you do your bit at home?

  • Re-use plastic bags, bottles and containers.
  • Turn lights and appliances off when not needed.
  • Turn taps off instead of letting them run.                           
  • Please look after our planet- there is no Plan B!


Want to learn more?


Have a look at these links to see what we're working towards and how you can help.


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