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Autumn 1

First week back in year 6!



It was class Hawk's first day back and first day ever in year 6. We all meet new people and some old friends. First activity of the week was 2 truths and a lie to get to know each other after that we planned our spaghetti teaming! We learnt about our rights and online safety. The next day we made our spaghetti towers to help, us learn to work as a team and collaborate and we all had a fun time. We went in the MUGA and played football for a reward. We read how to build a new me and then we made an all about me booklet so Mrs Lakin can get to know us better. We meet hardworking Harri respectful Rhys and responsible Rhian who are our learning heroes so we made a poster for our rules which are we are respectful we work hard and we are responsible. We all did our big maths clic test. Then after all that Mrs Lakin gave us all a lesson of Design a new pet we all made a pet and named it and we wrote information about it and facts, In Class Hawk we respect each other and we all work hard.

Written by Cale and Corral!