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Year 2 Penguins


Welcome to Penguin's class page!

Here you will find information about what we are getting up to in school, please keep checking!


Please click the link below to see our Half Term overview. Where you will find plenty of information about P.E days, Maths and, English, Snack and Lunches and Home Reading.

Spring Term Curriculum Overview

Half Term Overview


The welsh government target for attendance is 95%. Research demonstrates that there is a strong link between the amount of absence in a school and the qualifications that a pupil achieves. If a pupil misses 17 days of school or more a year, this often leads to a drop of a GSCE grade across all subjects.
Of pupils who miss between 10% and 20% of school, only 35% manage to achieve five A* to C GSCEs including English and mathematics. This compares to 73% of pupils with over 95% attendance achieving five A* to Cs including English and mathematics. (DfE July 2011)
Every lesson in school is vitally important. If your child misses school, they will find it difficult to catch up with the learning and as a result could fall behind and not achieve their full potential.


Helping Your Child Achieve
·         Ensure your child arrives promptly at school for an 8.50am start to their learning day, although the school doors will be open from 8:40am.You can also purchase water and fruit for your child's snack in the playground by the main doors.
·         If your child arrives late, go to the main reception to report your child has arrived.
·         Your child needs to attend school before or after a medical/dentist appointment
·         If your child is ill and can’t attend school for whatever reason, then contact the school immediately




Children will have homework each week.


Each week your child will bring home spellings to meet their current level. In year 2 we are focussing on High Frequency Words. Please help your child, read, spell and understand the words. 


Every fortnight your child will sit a Big Maths test in school. In year 2, Term 1, children should be working at a CLIC 7.

Children have to complete 10 questions and try and beat their last ever score, we make a really big fuss about it in class and children are really enthusiastic and competitive about beating their score. noAfter completing the test, children will bring their test home to show you. Please help them with the questions they are getting wrong and congratulate them when they beat their last ever score.

On the back of the test there will be Learn It's, the children are timed for this part of the test. They need to get faster and faster at solving the number sentences to beat their last ever score.


Children will bring home a home reading book that is at their current level. The more they read at home the better they will become at reading, writing and spelling.

Your child can also access Bug Club where Mrs Broad will provide online books that children can read on a computer or tablet. Mrs Broad is able to check who has been reading their books and who hasn't. surprise

Mrs Broad will put between 6-8 books on Bug Club at the start of each half term. It would be expected that children would read these books within the half term. However, if your child would like more books please just ask.frown




This half term in Literacy we are

  • retelling the story of the Traditional Tale, the Three Little Pigs.
  • learning to upskill our instruction writing.
  • learning about advert features and creating a fun and engaging advert.


This half term in Maths we are

  • completing addition and subtraction problems
  • reasoning and problem solving
  • learning and recording the days of the week and months of the year (we will also be learning them in Welsh)


This half term in P.E. we are

  • focussing on our basic skills, such as:
  • throwing, catching, bouncing and kicking different size balls
  • running, skipping, jogging around different obstacles
  • balancing


This half term in Context we are

  • learning about our local area
  • being detectives and trying to solve problems - such as trying to work out what used to be on Old School Road, Which teachers used to work in the old Trelai Primary School? What was the old school like?
Please see Mrs Broad  if you need your login details for the above websites.