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Thinking and learning today to help us all tomorrow.

What have we been up to?


Today we had special visitors - Fire men. They taught us about fire hazards and about smoke alarms and that we should never take the batteries. We learnt that you should not overload your plug sockets and we should never cover an electrical item. We watched a video showing us what happens when you leave hot things on and the damage a fire can do in just a few minutes. 

Mrs Lakin had a challenge to put on all the fire safety equipment in a minute -she did it in 45 seconds. It was funny watching Mrs Lakin dress up. She told us the boots were heavy, the firemen told us that there is metal in the boots so your feet cant get hurt.

Annalise showed us how to stop, drop and role if you are on fire! 

The firemen showed us a fire alarm and what it sounded like, they told use we should check our fire alarms every week!


We have been writing our street child play scripts, it is fun! Check in again to see our work and photos of our visit.

By Cerys and Ashton






Today was a challenging day in maths because we were learning about the area of different shapes. It was a bit tricky but when I understood it was fun! We had to work out the perimeter of a shape and then work out the area. 

We started to learn about a famous Victorian artist, whose name was William Morris. He was famous for using lots of patterns, and in Victorian times his work was turned into wallpaper and only rich people could afford it. Our class had a chance to draw in the same style as William Morris. It was lots of fun but it was very challenging. Some people were very successful and everyone tried their hardest.

It was a really fun day!

We spent time in the ICT suite writing a diary about the Victorian child. 

By Harley and Madii


26/2/18 - 02/03/18

Last week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we were doing all types of things for our Eisteddefod on Thursday, but unfortunately we did not end up doing our Eisteddefod because of the snow storm we was going to have. The Eisteddefod activities we done was handwriting and art. For the handwriting we had to write the phrase 1 and phrase 2 of Mae Hen Wlad. For our art we had to draw a dragon it could of been the welsh national anthem or another dragon on Youtube. Class Robin was looking forward to our Eisteddefod on Thursday until there was a bing bong from the Head Teacher saying school closed tomorrow.

By Demi



Our Eisteddefod was a very busy day. Year 5's song was Calon Lan and the houses song was Sosban Fach. There were 4 different houses:  Castle Caerffili, Castle Coch, Castle Caernarfon and Castle Caerdydd. The winning house was .... Castell Caerffili! All the children in the different houses worked hard to complete their work. Each year group took turns to sing our songs - class robin enjoyed learning our song. 

The winners for year 5 art were: 1st Annalise, 2nd Gabby, 3rd Ffion and HC Lacey. The handwriting winners were: 1st Ruby, 2nd Annalise, 3rd Maria and HC was Fahmid and Kayden.  We were lucky in class Robin because I also came 2nd in the homework competition.

The Bard was Logan.

It was a really fun morning - the Eisteddfod is one of my favourite days in school!

By Annalise