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School Council

A school council helps the whole school by providing opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings to teachers and each other as well as have a say in decisions that are made.

Trelai School Council are busy all year round with weekly meetings, organising events and fund raising activities such as discos, raffles and sponsored events.

Each class has a school council representative who has been elected by members of their class. They have have an important job to do! They meet every 3 weeks. One of the most important jobs that they do is to bring questions from their classes to the meetings. They also feed back to their classes after each meeting.

See below, the current School Council Members.


Trelai School Council has many members including;

Year 3 - Emelia 

Year 3 - Katie

Year 4 -Oliver 

Year 4 - Elena

Year 5 - Tiana

Year 5 - Rachel

Year 6 - Gabby

Year 6 - Tornima

Chairperson, Deputy chairperson, secretary and deputy secretary.


The Chair person is Gabby

The Vice chair person is Emelia

Minutes secretary is Oliver

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