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Our Class Diary (Previous Entries)

Friday 27th October

Written by Ffion Corcoran & Lilly-Mae Grainger

Helo, sut wyt ti?

(Hello how are you?)


We have been busy bees working hard for the past two weeks developing new skills. Our handwriting has improved by miles, and we've been pushing ourselves to the limit. We achieved the attendance award this week, which was 95.77%. Also we have worn our new t-shirts for P.E for the first time.


Our topic is Australia and we have used I.C.T, to gather facts about an Australian city. We wrote an explanation text about what it is like to live in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.


Maths was the lesson most people found hard, drawing line graphs and solving problems. The problem was that there were five people and chairs, using the information that we were given. We had to work out where the people sit.


Ukulele was extremely fun. We were song writers, writing our very, own song about our topic, Australia. However, doing aboriginal painting with Miss Voles in the week was even more fun. Our welsh is getting better and better. We have been writing our own welsh play scripts, and a welsh story to do with time (Amser). Our Helpwr Heddiws have led all the welsh games that we have played, such as, hangman, detective and plismon.  We are moving up levels in accelerated reading every day. Believe it or not, Gabby is on level 6.1, which is the highest in the class. It's been great!



Friday 13th October

This week written by Phoebe and Gabby!

Over the past few weeks, Dove has been learning about the human heart. Mr Tedaldi brought in real lamb hearts. They felt very slimy. One was dissected and the other one was not. It was very fun and sad when it came to an end. In addition to this, we have been learning about explanation texts, and we have been planning an explanation text of our own about the heart using connectives to link cause and effect. 


Our class has also been leaning about electric circuits that are parallel, that was really enjoyable. In Accelerated Reading, we have been reading fun books and we also did our tests and moved up many levels. Some of us who have been moving up are Beth, Gabby, Charlie and Jacob.


In maths, we have been practicing column addition and grid method, which was really good fun. Our class wrote a letter to a girl named Alice who lives in Australia. She is our age and now our new friend. The funniest bit of the week by far was Lloyd’s chair swinging problem; he could not stop swinging on his chair. So, he was challenged by Mr Tedaldi to not swing on his chair for a whole day. We do not know if he has completed the challenge yet but let us hope so. But, before lunch, he was complaining about not being able to swing on his chair so sir said he could have one swing before lunch and he nearly fell off. And that is why you should not swing on your chair!


This week was fun!



Friday 29th September

Our Week written by Gabby.


This week in class Dove, we have been learning about The Highwayman poem and have done freeze-frames where we froze on a certain part of a scene, and we made our own voice overs. As well it has been a really fun week because we really like the poem. We have also done work on Australia. Did you know that Australia is bigger than the UK but holds a lot less people? Probably because it's extremely hot. We learnt about the cities and territories, it was really enjoyable. In maths, we have been doing column method like this:





We also done Accelerated reading in our class, we get to read books that are our level and then do a test on it. We also created IT passwords where we made a password and we saw how long it would take a computer to guess it. We have done a math square investigation were we had a couple of squares and made as many shapes possible. In welsh we have learnt times and played 'faint o'gloch Mr Wolf?' Ukulele has been one of the best parts; we made our own songs using G and F chords.                                                         


This week has been awesome!